And The Wind Wails

The sounds of loud wailing

drops down to low moaning


a chorus…

rising and falling

rising and falling

rising and falling

like waves upon the sea.


The sound of mourning

heard in the streets.


The wind wails for Egypt

In turn, she moans for Libya

And now today, she weeps and sobs…

for the islands of Japan



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Little Johnny Windstorm

“Look at me!”, you shout in your boisterous voice,
as you rip the front door out of my hand,
sending me down the steps in a drunken stumble.

Broad shouldered,
you meet my forward advance
like a defensive lineman,
making me fight for every step
down the concrete path;
daring me to look you in the face.

You dance around me like a schoolyard bully;
tugging at my clothes, touseling my hair,
all the while laughing at my attempts
to evade your mockery.
Refuge is finally reached
behind strong glass doors.

I watch from my haven of safety,
as you run off down the street;
kicking leaves into the air;
swinging from tree branches;
howling in childish delight.

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Latent Mardi Gras

Slender white birch in paper dress
Wears garlands of shimmering gold,
Delicate hands stretched over head
Autumn leaves, dancing in the wind

Oak wears supple woodland leather,
Rawhide gloves on his gnarled knuckles
Sowing seed for winter’s harvest
Autumn leaves, dancing in the wind

Flaming fire of sugar maple
Burns in hues of Persian red
Embers glow on the hillside hearth
Autumn leaves, dancing in the wind

A tapestry of colors bright
Blanket the distant mountainside
Like a grand Mardi Gras parade
Autumn leaves, dancing in the wind

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