Conversations in the Parlor

Worn red velvet sleeps under
nodding curls of faded floral paper,
while weary hinges sag on cupboard doors.

Faded script of holy heritage
chronicles chapters of former days,
tangled roots of a sprawling family tree.

Tin types hold their secrets in silence,
refusing to refute the lies or tell the tales
of lives lived beyond the photo’s frame.

The quiet never quite slumbers,
in a room where history whispers
and yesterday sings her songs.

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Former Days

Splash of waves lapping at the wooden bow
Seagulls chatter as they slalom through the sails
Shifting of mooring ropes, tied to the pier
Salty winds calling sailors to lift their anchors

Sights seen in the memory of former days
Simple sounds and smells recalled to mind
Solid pilings remind of youthful strength
Sandy shore tells of yesterday’s voyage


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