Weighty anchor of Fear

             halts life’s progress

                    hangs on rigid chain

                                         called Dread

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Serendipitous Seeking

sojourning soul singing solo song

seeks solitary shadow sounding

sympathetic serenades


singular sight sees serendipitously


so steady

so sure

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Conversations in the Parlor

Worn red velvet sleeps under
nodding curls of faded floral paper,
while weary hinges sag on cupboard doors.

Faded script of holy heritage
chronicles chapters of former days,
tangled roots of a sprawling family tree.

Tin types hold their secrets in silence,
refusing to refute the lies or tell the tales
of lives lived beyond the photo’s frame.

The quiet never quite slumbers,
in a room where history whispers
and yesterday sings her songs.

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The Lamb Is Slain

Unimaginable Love pours its richest perfume on dusty feet

Innocence drinks of death’s dark poison

Holiness breaks forth in bloom


He casts His shadow and we follow after it.

We grasp for it, in a vain attempt to reach Him.

We worship the shadow – never seeing the Man.

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Heaven’s Confetti

delicate threads of frozen white

petite fairy doilies crocheted

in frosted patterns of divine creation

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Let Me Not Forget

From all fear You’ve set me free.
From all sin my heart does flee.
From all doubt I’m clear to be
From all You gave upon the tree.

It is Your sweetness they taste in me.
It is Your love, in these eyes, they see.
It is Your peace that floods like sea.
It is You — it is not me.

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Love Affair

I heard the beating of your heart,
and the rhythm enthralled me.

The pattern rolled upward on the crest of a wave,
as it reached towards the sky,

then the beat slowed, became hushed,
as the surf washed gently over the sand.

Such passion…
accompanied by such peace.

I launched by myself
to surf upon your waves,

rising with you on the highest crests
and resting in your arms as we swept up on the shore.

My fresh water keel licked at your salty brine
and I felt your laughter echo off my hull.

We frolicked under sunny skies that warmed
the surface, and denied the coldness of your depths.

The red sky of evening sought to warn us,
but we glanced away, pretending not to see.

Winds plunged your waves to the depths.
My weathered planks were beaten in the storm.

Together we crashed upon the jagged rocks,
splintered wood and frothing angry foam.

I lay broken with pieces strewn,
your salty tears dried upon my hull.

I heard you sing a mourning song
in harmony with the wind.

You swept me off the crags;
carried me in your arms.

You sang to me a lullaby,
as I rested in your deep.

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And The Wind Wails

The sounds of loud wailing

drops down to low moaning


a chorus…

rising and falling

rising and falling

rising and falling

like waves upon the sea.


The sound of mourning

heard in the streets.


The wind wails for Egypt

In turn, she moans for Libya

And now today, she weeps and sobs…

for the islands of Japan



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A Trusted Friend

I used to like to dance, she said
…And my seams were always perfect
on my stockings, you know

I couldn’t ask the other girls
they would have lied
My mirror didn’t lie
If my seams were crooked
it told me
When they were straight as an arrow
it told me

It didn’t play games like
those Czech girls
I could trust my mirror
Sometimes it told me
things I didn’t want to hear
like how short I was
or how scuffed my shoes were
but I could trust my mirror

That’s why I took it
with me when I moved

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