Paging Through the Book

First Chapter – captured in black and white
     Second Chapter – faded hues of Polaroid
           Third Chapter – a soap opera on color television

Fourth Chapter – awaiting the reviews of critics


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Creativity can …

Creativity can be messy at times. I guess that’s why children can be so creative. They don’t mind getting messy in the process.

 – just a little thought inspired by a blog I wrote today called “Does a Blank Page Unnerve You?”

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The Contender

Surly scent of testosterone

muscles it way to the fore,

Daring all challengers to

break his hold and throw

him to the floor.


Sweet perfume and downcast

eyes, a strand of gentle curl,

the slightest tilting of the head

and iron fists unfurl.


Parting lips which breathe

a sigh; his head begins

to swim. An upward glance,

a gentle touch; knees

buckle under him.


Strength of gentle femininity,

uncalculated power,

caves the strength of any man,

causes massive bulk to cower.


Fragility it may appear to be,

but in the slight of frame

does belie the truth of life –

was from Woman that you came.


{Inspired by     somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond  by E. E. Cummings}

In Faith


In Faith

empty chalice of flesh

set on heaven’s table

expectant of the pour

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Only Skin Deep

dermis cells of clay

marinated in

the drippings of birth

the sweetness of love

the poison of hate

the bitter taste of death

fully soaked in the flavors of life

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Dermis Cells of Clay


Sad eyes of faces from the past set in weathered skin of aging brick

heat of summer bakes urban soot into the dermis cells of clay

harsh cold of winter winds causes huddled forms to shudder

set aside from usefulness, removed from active life

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Weighty anchor of Fear

             halts life’s progress

                    hangs on rigid chain

                                         called Dread

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Serendipitous Seeking

sojourning soul singing solo song

seeks solitary shadow sounding

sympathetic serenades


singular sight sees serendipitously


so steady

so sure

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Heaven’s Confetti

delicate threads of frozen white

petite fairy doilies crocheted

in frosted patterns of divine creation

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When longing does so fill the night
With wants (or needs) so undefined
These hidden dreams, please, bring to light
Remove the veils that make me blind

Wrestling, listening, spirit reaches
(When longing does so fill the night)
For the truth Eternity teaches
Seeks clarity of sound and sight

Vision centers on inner light
Ears aren’t needed to hear this sound
When longing does so fill the night
To reason’s grasp I’ll not be bound

Releasing all that’s held inside
Pen in hand I begin to write
To you my muse I do confide
When longing does so fill the night

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