The Lamb Is Slain

Unimaginable Love pours its richest perfume on dusty feet

Innocence drinks of death’s dark poison

Holiness breaks forth in bloom


Polished Stone

Rough and unrefined,
just a simple stone
thrown into a stream.

Fluid flow of icy cold
friction in the sand,
course of nature is
in control, no option
for the stone.

With final water’s wash,
polished smooth and round,
stone now glistens in the sun,
by attrition now transformed.


The following song was recommended to me as having the same message, by a reader of this poem.

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Love’s Transforming Gaze

Want that I could find, just words to describe,
Love felt at Your Touch, heart’s vision of Eyes
Known fully to be, and quite wholly Other,
Yet voice and vestige seeming all familiar

Infinite Love of perfect heart
Caresses deeper than all can know
Pain of sin’s temporal anguish
Entwined as one within pith’s flow

Humble face (I see it still)
Love and pain remit their gaze
Will you trust, is all I’m asked
No promise made or fears allayed

Reveals of Spirit doth soul awake
No deeds suffice a Love so grand
Bequeaths an answer of me to make
Life’s choice this night was in your plan

Nail scarred hand, who can reject,
When offered with such gentle care
I’ve walked with Thee from then till now
My life transformed– beyond compare!

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