He casts His shadow and we follow after it.

We grasp for it, in a vain attempt to reach Him.

We worship the shadow – never seeing the Man.

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Christmas Lace








Dainty white flakes of winter’s lace
Lace the edge of window’s frame
Framing the serenity of the scene
Seen by children watching in delight

Delighted to press their nose to the glass
Glassy-eyed sleepy heads ready for bed
Bedding down in the land of dreams
Dreams of coming Christmas morn’

Morning comes with a frosty glow
Glowing embers rest within the hearth
Hearth on which the stockings hang

Hanging too is silver tinsel on the tree
Tree brought in through knee-deep snow
Snow of Christmas– flakes of dainty white

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By Darkness Bound


She clutched an ancient crucifix
Ebony amulet of religious lore
Crushed her flesh with fearful grip
Trembling steps on cold stone floor

Eyes send darts to shadowed corners
Chaos reigns in her heart and mind
Surround is painted in hazy blur
Hand outstretched as one who’s blind

In cathedral walls she places trust
To keep her safe from evil foe
Hiding from the vampire’s lust
Cloaked in night to drain life’s flow

Faith is put in wooden symbol
Peace for her cannot be found
Outer darkness makes her tremble
Inner darkness keeps her bound

Casting of Stones

Tisk, tisk. Isn’t it sad? So caught in their religion.
Repeating prayers and holding beads.
Hallelujah! Amen! Another chorus, please.

They kneel when they pray, the sign of the cross
We know better than that, much more holy
We lift our hands and shout out boldly.

Chants and hymns, a polka mass?
Robes and caps, incense swung widely
Will they never learn? It’s just not godly.

We’ve learned the language
We know how to talk.
Are you saved? Been blessed?
Do you walk the walk?

No sprinkling here, we’ve been immersed.
Bread and wine, crackers and juice
We don’t do the Eucharist.

It’s a little sad don’t you think?
All this posturing and puffing of chests
Us evangelicals are really a mess.

Yes, I’ll own up to it.
I’m part of your clan.
Well versed in scripture that I am.

Love my brothers and sisters too
But it makes me cringe from time to time
As I hear the others that we malign.

Can’t we show just a little grace?
Step on down from our ivory towers?
Are THEIR traditions really worse than OURS?

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