A Chill in the Air

On Tuesday you cried

upon my shoulder,

trusting Jesus to save

your soul.

On Friday you played

the entertainer, making light

of fearful faces in the room.


You left us in November

as the cold was setting in.


You danced in the face of death,

a can of beer in your hand.

But morning came with raindrops,

in your bed you would remain.

You communicated in silence,

lids weighted with eternal sleep.


You left us in November

as the cold was setting in.


We ate brownies topped

with ice cream, while the lesbian

hugged the Catholic and God’s

Spirit sweetly smiled.

We laughed through tears

as we remembered; said

our prayers to fill the void.


You left us in November

as the cold was setting in.


I said goodbye on Thursday,

and left roses in the snow.


In Faith


In Faith

empty chalice of flesh

set on heaven’s table

expectant of the pour

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Kneeling There

I visited there this morning,
that place of sanctuary.
I saw you kneeling there.

You didn’t notice me,
or so it seemed.
There was no reason to.

I saw you kneeling there,
communing in the Spirit.
I joined you in that place.

A place of blessed meeting
where spirits mingle,
pure in their intent.

We visited there this morning,
that place of sanctuary.
We were kneeling there.

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Blessed By An Angel

She gives a shy smile as she is seated; a stranger at your table.

Nothing striking about her appearance to grab your attention,

Yet the youthful innocence of a blushing bride is seen in her demeanor.

With politeness she listens as you ramble long; telling mundane stories.

Relaxed in her presence, voice moves to heart’s dreams and petty frustrations.

When time comes to leave, she rises, placing gentle hand upon your shoulder.

Names of Heaven are evoked on your behalf; mixed with sacred words of blessing.

Her prayer becomes like brush of artist, painting hues of gracious peace upon your soul.

Goodbyes are said leaving you to wonder, of angel seen— walking out the door.

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A Bridge of Love

When abuse by others
Drives us to our knees,
On enemies behalf,
God’s mercy fills our pleas.

What Satan meant for evil,
God has turned to good,
When we bless those who curse us,
Showing kindness as we should.

Hard hearts are softened;
A bridge of love is built.
The Lord’s kindness brings repentance;
Putting an end to shame and guilt.

(Based off Romans 12:21 ‘Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.’)

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A prayer





Been so long

Need You SO MUCH

Whatever it takes

Unclench my hands

Pierce my heart

Once again


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Wings of Prayer

The strength and beauty of the Family of God as they carry one another’s burdens in prayer.

Heaviness lifted
Darkness dispelled
Sun shines brighter
Anxiety quelled

Sister and brother
Their burdens share
Answer comes on
Wings of prayer

God’s design
It’s perfectly fit
Within His family
As one we’re knit

Loads are lighter
Joys increased
United in Spirit—

Father is pleased

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He Prays for Her

written for the daughter of a friend for her high school graduation

Her father’s friend long he’d been
They joined the Navy way back when
Different paths in time they’d take
Different choices they would make

And he prays for him
And he prays for him

As time went on their paths would cross
Children were born and parents lost
Her father told of his daughter sweet
Child that someday friend would meet

And he prays for her
And he prays for him

Church she attends by herself
Has Christian music on her shelf
Somewhere in his church she sits
Father’s friend, he knows of this

And he prays for her
And he prays for him

Her name is seen there on the list
A missions trip was her great wish
A touch from God, received while there
Her face he saw, as he heard her share

And he prays for her
And he prays for him

She’s grown up now a lady fine
Known as one who’s strong and kind
Her father proud of his daughter fair
His friend in part his joy can share

‘Cause he prayed for her
And he prays for him

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