Only Skin Deep

dermis cells of clay

marinated in

the drippings of birth

the sweetness of love

the poison of hate

the bitter taste of death

fully soaked in the flavors of life

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The Lamb Is Slain

Unimaginable Love pours its richest perfume on dusty feet

Innocence drinks of death’s dark poison

Holiness breaks forth in bloom

Empty Vessel

Her heart was soft and supple
Filled with warmth and love
Giving of her care to men
Serving faithful, God above

Views of pain and suffering
Walked close before her eyes
Torn apart her tender heart
A wound she can’t disguise

Her fountain of compassion
The years have now run dry
No words, her mouth to say
Her eyes, no tears to cry

Ceramic heart within her chest
Grows heavier each day
A kiln of pain has hardened it
Turning flesh to brittle clay

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Love’s Transforming Gaze

Want that I could find, just words to describe,
Love felt at Your Touch, heart’s vision of Eyes
Known fully to be, and quite wholly Other,
Yet voice and vestige seeming all familiar

Infinite Love of perfect heart
Caresses deeper than all can know
Pain of sin’s temporal anguish
Entwined as one within pith’s flow

Humble face (I see it still)
Love and pain remit their gaze
Will you trust, is all I’m asked
No promise made or fears allayed

Reveals of Spirit doth soul awake
No deeds suffice a Love so grand
Bequeaths an answer of me to make
Life’s choice this night was in your plan

Nail scarred hand, who can reject,
When offered with such gentle care
I’ve walked with Thee from then till now
My life transformed– beyond compare!

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Life’s Center Lost

My heart is breaking for you my friend
I watch in fear as I follow your route

Slow destruction in each step

You’ve walked before this slippery slope
Stumbling and falling along the way

Killing your body to kill the pain

Who will rescue from the mire?
Who will give you hope again?

No person here can fill that void

Your worth is lost, your purpose gone
The center of life lost to your gaze

Hopeless you wander in the fog

Treasures you hold unknown to others
Tarnished with rust from lack of use

A life fulfilled is within them

I pray, I watch, I pray again
Painfully loving and hurting for you

Tis only one answer I know to give

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From Walls to Curtains

Those walls of yours so thick, so high
Built slowly through the years.

They block you in and block me out
Protecting you from all you fear.

Who were the builders of those walls of yours,
made of pain and loss?

The stories some have been told to me
In times of simple sharing.

You were given to me many years ago
Handed to me for loving.

Patient and gentle I have been,
waiting and ever watching.

Fresh wounds are now upon your heart
Still tender to the touch.

I shared the pain and walked with you
As your heart was breaking.

Dear friend, as now you are known
Loved by much and many.

Tear down those walls that hide you there,
Replace them with a curtain.

Pull back the veil, let healing in
The balm of One so sweet.

His gentle touch has been in my hand
His love, that fills my heart.

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Sipping at Poison

I’ve been here before.

I recognize the door.

I know what’s on the other side.

What can it hurt, just to take a peak?

I’ll close it quickly right after.

But the lure is strong

my heart pounds faster

This time is different

it won’t be the same.

Lies are planted and eyes are blinded

Just a sip

a little taste

oh, and just one more

No! Not again?

My stomach turns sour.

The taste of death.

The taste of anquish.

Writhing in pain I rush out the door.

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