A Bridge of Love

When abuse by others
Drives us to our knees,
On enemies behalf,
God’s mercy fills our pleas.

What Satan meant for evil,
God has turned to good,
When we bless those who curse us,
Showing kindness as we should.

Hard hearts are softened;
A bridge of love is built.
The Lord’s kindness brings repentance;
Putting an end to shame and guilt.

(Based off Romans 12:21 ‘Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.’)

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Grace and Mercy on the Table

Grace and mercy, they’re a common staple,
found often on the Christian’s table.

Definitions abound in theological text.
Fed to us weekly in our worship mix.

Yet the taste of these delicacies
seem hidden from our pallet.

But guilt and duty, these we savor,
a steady diet to be consumed.

It’s easy to blame those who’re serving.
It’s they who make us feel undeserving.

But who changed the menu thus?
Was it really them? Or was it us?

In the end it rests with me,
that the Lord is good, to taste and see.

If this we should now discover,
perhaps we’ll then apply – to one another

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