A Chill in the Air

On Tuesday you cried

upon my shoulder,

trusting Jesus to save

your soul.

On Friday you played

the entertainer, making light

of fearful faces in the room.


You left us in November

as the cold was setting in.


You danced in the face of death,

a can of beer in your hand.

But morning came with raindrops,

in your bed you would remain.

You communicated in silence,

lids weighted with eternal sleep.


You left us in November

as the cold was setting in.


We ate brownies topped

with ice cream, while the lesbian

hugged the Catholic and God’s

Spirit sweetly smiled.

We laughed through tears

as we remembered; said

our prayers to fill the void.


You left us in November

as the cold was setting in.


I said goodbye on Thursday,

and left roses in the snow.


The Clichés of Chick Flicks

oil and water
under the skin

back to back
stiff shouldered

anger’s passion
bursts into flame
consuming walls
of separation

melting away
love’s fire

sealed with a kiss

always meant
to be

same old story
same old lie

Only Skin Deep

dermis cells of clay

marinated in

the drippings of birth

the sweetness of love

the poison of hate

the bitter taste of death

fully soaked in the flavors of life

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Love Affair

I heard the beating of your heart,
and the rhythm enthralled me.

The pattern rolled upward on the crest of a wave,
as it reached towards the sky,

then the beat slowed, became hushed,
as the surf washed gently over the sand.

Such passion…
accompanied by such peace.

I launched by myself
to surf upon your waves,

rising with you on the highest crests
and resting in your arms as we swept up on the shore.

My fresh water keel licked at your salty brine
and I felt your laughter echo off my hull.

We frolicked under sunny skies that warmed
the surface, and denied the coldness of your depths.

The red sky of evening sought to warn us,
but we glanced away, pretending not to see.

Winds plunged your waves to the depths.
My weathered planks were beaten in the storm.

Together we crashed upon the jagged rocks,
splintered wood and frothing angry foam.

I lay broken with pieces strewn,
your salty tears dried upon my hull.

I heard you sing a mourning song
in harmony with the wind.

You swept me off the crags;
carried me in your arms.

You sang to me a lullaby,
as I rested in your deep.

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Love Unseen

In wooden glades of mossy green
with barren feet she ran between.
Sensing call that touched her heart
to follow paths this voice did chart.

Of whom it came, and who was he,
that moved her from her home to flee;
this answer she did not contain,
but the strength of it, it did not wane.

Standing now within that heather glen,
his sense of presence she felt again.
Spirit being, his form so undefined,
His words of love, heard in her mind.

They danced within his spirit realm
not confined to mortal sight.
No need to touch of fleshly hands,
their spirits strongly woven tight.

And as the sun did start to rise,
tears of sadness filled her eyes.
For once again she must let him go,
his presence lost– in day’s new glow.

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A Bridge of Love

When abuse by others
Drives us to our knees,
On enemies behalf,
God’s mercy fills our pleas.

What Satan meant for evil,
God has turned to good,
When we bless those who curse us,
Showing kindness as we should.

Hard hearts are softened;
A bridge of love is built.
The Lord’s kindness brings repentance;
Putting an end to shame and guilt.

(Based off Romans 12:21 ‘Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good.’)

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Love’s Transforming Gaze

Want that I could find, just words to describe,
Love felt at Your Touch, heart’s vision of Eyes
Known fully to be, and quite wholly Other,
Yet voice and vestige seeming all familiar

Infinite Love of perfect heart
Caresses deeper than all can know
Pain of sin’s temporal anguish
Entwined as one within pith’s flow

Humble face (I see it still)
Love and pain remit their gaze
Will you trust, is all I’m asked
No promise made or fears allayed

Reveals of Spirit doth soul awake
No deeds suffice a Love so grand
Bequeaths an answer of me to make
Life’s choice this night was in your plan

Nail scarred hand, who can reject,
When offered with such gentle care
I’ve walked with Thee from then till now
My life transformed– beyond compare!

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Stories in the Attic

Aging treasures covered in dust.
Keepsakes of lives now past.
Long lost memories of secrets untold.
Pages of lives, my hand does hold.

Faded letters, tied with a string,
A feather lost from a bluebird’s wing.
A velvet glove and a broken clock,
an assortment of pieces thrown in a box.

What meaning was there in days of old?
To whom did these of stories hold?
Dearest and sweetheart, the letters say,
But of family or kin I cannot assay.

Mysteries hidden from my eyes.
Questions without answers now arise.
Romantic visions of ancient love,
As I hold in my hand– that velvet glove.

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From Walls to Curtains

Those walls of yours so thick, so high
Built slowly through the years.

They block you in and block me out
Protecting you from all you fear.

Who were the builders of those walls of yours,
made of pain and loss?

The stories some have been told to me
In times of simple sharing.

You were given to me many years ago
Handed to me for loving.

Patient and gentle I have been,
waiting and ever watching.

Fresh wounds are now upon your heart
Still tender to the touch.

I shared the pain and walked with you
As your heart was breaking.

Dear friend, as now you are known
Loved by much and many.

Tear down those walls that hide you there,
Replace them with a curtain.

Pull back the veil, let healing in
The balm of One so sweet.

His gentle touch has been in my hand
His love, that fills my heart.

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