Halfway Through

Forty-eight inches,

a decade of growth,

curled into fetal comfort,

seeks the safety

of mother’s womb.


Smooth tender scalp

rests on her shoulder,

arms encircle her neck.

Cuddle toys can’t

fill his need

for security.


Radiation’s brand marks

the tomb of the enemy,

robber of joy, peace and play.

Plastic tubes pump

poison into his chest.


Dad is big and strong,

Mom, warm and wise,

but sarcoma sucks;

that’s just the way it is.


Only Skin Deep

dermis cells of clay

marinated in

the drippings of birth

the sweetness of love

the poison of hate

the bitter taste of death

fully soaked in the flavors of life

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Inner Habitation

Quiet (but not silent) 

Ongoing discussion (questioning)

Inquisitive (but not demanding)


Flesh of human heart,
beating with humanity’s rhythm,
exposed in open air.

Mortal’s Marquee

Facades of granite can’t displace
the reality of this solemn place
Souls of those in heaven’s embrace
Peacefully abide

No pretense found upon the face
of stones that mark this resting place
Runner has finished his final race
Pride now laid aside

Numbers etched on mortal’s marquee
Speaks of time which passes swiftly
From my grasp it will always flee
Can’t hold back the tide

Gather round me spirits set free
Sing songs of sure eternity
Whisper to me beneath this tree
Do not my presence chide

Long on this earth I shall not be
The face of God I’m called to see
No fear in that, you will agree
Loves us as His bride

We leave this world with little trace
(except for love seen upon our face)
Placed there by touch of Maker’s grace
With Him we will reside

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Former Days

Splash of waves lapping at the wooden bow
Seagulls chatter as they slalom through the sails
Shifting of mooring ropes, tied to the pier
Salty winds calling sailors to lift their anchors

Sights seen in the memory of former days
Simple sounds and smells recalled to mind
Solid pilings remind of youthful strength
Sandy shore tells of yesterday’s voyage


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Herbal Tea

Final leaves on autumn winds
Mark numbered days to icy chill
Flames of mortality intensify the heat
Releasing mournful whistle

Sequestered herbal blends are drawn
Placed to steep in simmering pots
Wafting forth on winds of change
A fresh new scent of life’s bouquet

Deep breaths of that rich aroma
All of life, I drink in deep
Extracting every bit of flavor
Lips now pressed to china cups

Musky fragrance from hidden store
Turns heads to look in new directions
Free from shackles of expectations
Sets me dancing without restriction

I’m drunk on life,
liberally poured
from freedom’s flask

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Life’s Full Tree

Foe of man, who waits outside
(dark foreboding of uncertainty)
Hold your peace and stand aside
Not my time to go with thee

Though you mock with malicious chide
Your presence brings no fear to me
My time on earth you don’t decide
I have no need from you to flee

With destiny my days are tied
To fulfill my purpose, I am free
Eternity’s peace, it does abide
Darkness has no hold on me

So take your mantle from my side
With your shadowed sickle flee
Full length of days I shall reside
Accomplish all that’s meant for me

On this earth I’ll take my ride
Will drink of all I taste and see
Hold my loved ones close beside
Consume the fruit of life’s full tree

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Empty Vessel

Her heart was soft and supple
Filled with warmth and love
Giving of her care to men
Serving faithful, God above

Views of pain and suffering
Walked close before her eyes
Torn apart her tender heart
A wound she can’t disguise

Her fountain of compassion
The years have now run dry
No words, her mouth to say
Her eyes, no tears to cry

Ceramic heart within her chest
Grows heavier each day
A kiln of pain has hardened it
Turning flesh to brittle clay

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Smelly Shoelaces Tied in Knots

This old suitcase is tattered, and the zipper is broken, so I wrap it with old shoelaces from smelly gym shoes tied in knots. The handle broke years ago from dragging it up and down the basement stairs each time I made a trip to that dark pit of despair. Somehow the contents of my baggage remains intact. No matter how many times that worn old suitcase spills open, I manage to stuff it all back inside and secure it once again with old shoelaces, tied like my stomach, in tight little knots.

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Sibling Ties

Siblings, six, gathered together
support now given to the one
Baby brother, not so small
reaching a full, six feet tall

Sisters, brothers, blood to test
Offer themselves to honored quest
Eldest matron first to proffer
Fails to meet needed measure

From the distance comes next in line
Her gift of love they’ll not decline
Set her up upon the table
Next to him who’s barely stable

Broken bone and flesh torn wide
as they reach into her side
Quickly placed in brother’s womb
Her flesh that gives him life

Now she walks with kidney lone
Wide scar reminds of what is gone
He carries kidney not his own
Grateful for her sacrifice.

The story of the gift of a kidney from my sister Deb to our younger brother Ken

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