The Clichés of Chick Flicks

oil and water
under the skin

back to back
stiff shouldered

anger’s passion
bursts into flame
consuming walls
of separation

melting away
love’s fire

sealed with a kiss

always meant
to be

same old story
same old lie


Toddler Tricks

Your only two and oh so spry,
Run and jump, summersault and twirl.
Mischievous twinkle in your eye,
What are you thinking, little girl?

Salt in the belly button, little dish,
To easily dip those celery sticks.
Reach in the bowl to pet the fish,
Just another one of your little tricks.

Cleaning boogers from kitty’s eyes,
Kissing puppy on the nose,
Love the taste of fresh mud pies,
What is next? No one knows!

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