Herbal Tea

Final leaves on autumn winds
Mark numbered days to icy chill
Flames of mortality intensify the heat
Releasing mournful whistle

Sequestered herbal blends are drawn
Placed to steep in simmering pots
Wafting forth on winds of change
A fresh new scent of life’s bouquet

Deep breaths of that rich aroma
All of life, I drink in deep
Extracting every bit of flavor
Lips now pressed to china cups

Musky fragrance from hidden store
Turns heads to look in new directions
Free from shackles of expectations
Sets me dancing without restriction

I’m drunk on life,
liberally poured
from freedom’s flask

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Life’s Full Tree

Foe of man, who waits outside
(dark foreboding of uncertainty)
Hold your peace and stand aside
Not my time to go with thee

Though you mock with malicious chide
Your presence brings no fear to me
My time on earth you don’t decide
I have no need from you to flee

With destiny my days are tied
To fulfill my purpose, I am free
Eternity’s peace, it does abide
Darkness has no hold on me

So take your mantle from my side
With your shadowed sickle flee
Full length of days I shall reside
Accomplish all that’s meant for me

On this earth I’ll take my ride
Will drink of all I taste and see
Hold my loved ones close beside
Consume the fruit of life’s full tree

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Free to Stay

Greater freedom brings deeper love.

Wild spirit corralled, contained, shut in
Captured, prized, caged within

Succumbs, submits, surrenders, subdued
dying, living, alone, confused

Pressing, pushing, challenging, contends
Rattles, shakes, strikes, offends

Released, expelled, spirit set free
Circles, soars… returns to me

Needing, wanting, loving, soiree

No longer captive…

Is free–

To stay

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