The Clichés of Chick Flicks

oil and water
under the skin

back to back
stiff shouldered

anger’s passion
bursts into flame
consuming walls
of separation

melting away
love’s fire

sealed with a kiss

always meant
to be

same old story
same old lie


Tomorrow’s Betrayal


I stood on the door step,     

roses in hand,     

but Tomorrow never came     

to answer the door.     

The Prophet returned     

the ring of her promise,     

said she’d exchanged it     

for Eternity’s gold band.     

Her name has been changed     

so I’ll never find her;     

no sense to my looking,     

it’s part of the  plan.     

Bewildered and perplexed,     

the streets I wander,     

traveling in circles    

as cold memories flow.     

My Tomorrow has eloped     

with the Winds of Forever.     

I’m left at the station     

with nowhere to go.     

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Steeple Climbing

Step by step I climbed your tower
Fearing ever to look down.
Lofty heights are not for me,
I prefer places closer to the ground.

My knees get weak, they turn to jelly,
My stomach begins to quiver
Angelic wings painted on my back
They’ll not keep from falling hither.

Balancing on the steeple top
I feel my foot now slipping
Please excuse my lack of grace
Tumbling from that narrow place.

Eyes grow wide, jaws may drop,
As I crumple to the ground.
High expectations I’ll not meet
Prefer to sit at the Master’s feet.

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