He casts His shadow and we follow after it.

We grasp for it, in a vain attempt to reach Him.

We worship the shadow – never seeing the Man.

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By Darkness Bound


She clutched an ancient crucifix
Ebony amulet of religious lore
Crushed her flesh with fearful grip
Trembling steps on cold stone floor

Eyes send darts to shadowed corners
Chaos reigns in her heart and mind
Surround is painted in hazy blur
Hand outstretched as one who’s blind

In cathedral walls she places trust
To keep her safe from evil foe
Hiding from the vampire’s lust
Cloaked in night to drain life’s flow

Faith is put in wooden symbol
Peace for her cannot be found
Outer darkness makes her tremble
Inner darkness keeps her bound

Sipping at Poison

I’ve been here before.

I recognize the door.

I know what’s on the other side.

What can it hurt, just to take a peak?

I’ll close it quickly right after.

But the lure is strong

my heart pounds faster

This time is different

it won’t be the same.

Lies are planted and eyes are blinded

Just a sip

a little taste

oh, and just one more

No! Not again?

My stomach turns sour.

The taste of death.

The taste of anquish.

Writhing in pain I rush out the door.

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