Come Sit by the Fire

I have nothing to say of the weather,
of politics or of the neighbors,
but tell me a tale of romance
with words that float like a feather;

Tell me of kingdoms fighting battles
where maidens are bravely rescued,
fire extinguished in great dragons,
let me hear the mail of swordsmen rattle.

Yes, tell me the stories of dream-time;
tell me with the words of a poet;
tell me in words of lost beauty,
paint me a picture sublime.

Then I’ll sing you a song in the moonlight,
an old ballad of adventurous men,
that fought in the valley below us,
sending their enemies to flight.

Bravely fought with strength and with valor,
for love of their home and their kin;
fought an enemy that was dark and deadly,
they lived and died with their honor.

And we’ll sit by the fire and tell stories,
sing songs into the dark of the night.
We’ll live in a time of long ago,
reveling in romance and glories.

Published in: on August 3, 2010 at 7:17 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. Ah, a quiet and lovely tale.


  2. An exquisite tale……….love this!


  3. Ah yes, what a fabulous time that would be, tales of old… beautiful work again Kathy.


  4. I’ll join you! – beautiful images you create in my mind…

    “We’ll live in a time of long ago,
    reveling in romance and glories.”


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