Trapped Inside

You’re just like me, aren’t you?
I see you standing there holding up the wall
bored to death with small talk and politics,
slowly drinking a drink that you don’t like.

We’re really something, you and I.
Heads full of words screaming to get out;
words no one else cares to hear.
Smiling politely to all the idle chatter.

We’d probably really hit off.
All this stuff we’ve been holding inside
would come flowing out non-stop;
we’d be interrupting each others talk.

You’d make your point and I’d challenge it;
we’d laugh and tease, then get back to it.
It’d be a great time, just you and me
discussing high thoughts of philosophy.

But we won’t, will we?
Because I won’t approach you,
and you certainly won’t approach me.
We’ll finish our drinks and make our excuses.

I’ll give you a polite smile, and you’ll smile back,
both of us talking silently inside of our heads
wondering how a conversation should start.
Then you head your way, and I head mine…

alone in the dark.

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