By Darkness Bound


She clutched an ancient crucifix
Ebony amulet of religious lore
Crushed her flesh with fearful grip
Trembling steps on cold stone floor

Eyes send darts to shadowed corners
Chaos reigns in her heart and mind
Surround is painted in hazy blur
Hand outstretched as one who’s blind

In cathedral walls she places trust
To keep her safe from evil foe
Hiding from the vampire’s lust
Cloaked in night to drain life’s flow

Faith is put in wooden symbol
Peace for her cannot be found
Outer darkness makes her tremble
Inner darkness keeps her bound


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  1. Absolutely love this!


  2. A wonderful dark and gothic feel about this. And it makes the point so well, that our faith placed in symbols and places will never save us. God bless you!


  3. Katie, what a very well versed poem describing the crucifix and the power of the Amulet. Interesting, because I used the same symbol for my entry – the crucifix. Beautiful imagery and fine meter within your poem. Great work, Katie. I hope this challenge series Duff has created stays alive, as it is so much fun within this genre of creative writing. As I re-read this, it’s so very close to my character, “Marie” in my entry. Pretty cool!


  4. Great poem! Like the way the primitive symbolism is depicted here.


  5. cool


  6. Great poem, perfect for the challenge. 🙂


  7. That was great. Full of impact. I’ve missed reading your stuff. Thanks for adding this to the challenge. Great stuff.


  8. oh very good katie, i love the ending so many possibilities.


  9. Beautiful, Katie. I like the tie between outer and inner darkness. Which is the more feared, I wonder – or should be?


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