Visions from the Pillow’s Nest

 Schleich Elf Floral Umbrella
Of fairies and elves and unicorns,
of fair maidens and knights of honor,
of grand battles and great adventures,
is the land where my head does rest.

Rolling hills of the plushest green,
tall forests of the grandest oaks,
rivers winding through the dale,
bright setting of sun in the west.

Strong stone castles high on the hill,
straw roofed cottages along the way,
taverns and inns for the way-farer,
in this land I reside as a guest.

The flute and the harp are playing,
with tambourine salting the rhythm,
the balladeer sings us his story
of the heroes upon their quest.

All this is played out before me
as the afternoon sun is setting,
with casing of lace trimmed linen
robing the straw of pillow’s nest.

Published in: on May 6, 2010 at 2:45 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. hi Kathy wondered where you had got to? Loved this as you know this is my sort of thing that i wish i could do…added you to my blog…good to hear from you & speak soon cheers Pete


    • Just in the process of moving my blogs to wordpress, but haven’t made the ‘official’ move yet. Still trying figure some things out. Thanks for stopping by.


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