Midnight Jam Session

Written for a writer’s challenge using the words ‘mangy werewolf’ and ‘vampire’

Two travelers wander life’s paths, each heading their own direction.
No cognizance of other’s presence, no purpose for affection.
Just living life as best they could, each with their own affliction.

One a mangy werewolf, used to hiding in the dark
Loved to howl at the moon, while prowling the city park,
His was a musical soul, a true vocalizer of harmonious parts.

The second was a gallant man, greatly in need of a better tan
He too, a prowler of the night, a vampire he was, by claim and right
Violin he packed underneath his cape, music was his highest passion

Two misfits not wanting blood or brawl, one to fiddle the other to howl
As their paths did cross late that night, their curse was quickly put to flight
A jam session began in the deep dark wood, united by music rather than blood

Two fanged predators not seeking prey, but wanting only their music to play
Under the full moon as the werewolf howled, vampire laid fine wood upon his cowl
As the bow slid across the strings, a haunting melody the other did sing

So when into night’s darkness you peer, and moonlight serenade reaches your ears
‘Tis that mangy werewolf and his vampire friend, fiddling and howling to beat the band.

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